Our entire product range presents the characteristics of a handmade product and the detailing which is usually the signature of bespoke crafted pieces a byword for excellence and perfection made entirely in Italy by local craftsmen who have spent years honing their skills.

Catering for a cosmopolitan and discerning global clientele, our offer comprises very high end and uniquely designed shirts – our hero piece – through to all product categories  

We are well known for our iconic signature jeans with their distinctive dragon branded logo. 

We also offer a Made to order service for clients who are looking for one off unique piece. 

Shirts, jackets and jeans are embellished with precious skins, exquisite buttons, special stitching, and unique branded design elements along with Angelo’s iconic signature dragon logo. 

Small product runs, and a modern retailing approach of "see now buy now" means that many ready to wear pieces are virtually unique, and the very high level of Italian craftsmanship means that every piece will remain a key staple of one’s wardrobe for many years - never dating or looking out of fashion. 

We are very aware of both social and environmental sustainability and will take great care to pay attention to this issue both in the workplace and when chosen certified suppliers.