About Angelo Galasso

Founded In 2009, the Angelo Galasso brand has become synonymous with luxury, offering elegance that is both ground-breaking and timeless.

Redefining traditional Italian style with innovative and breath-taking design, Angelo continues to allow for a new breed of men to enjoy a service that merges the practice of classic tailoring - A tradition steeped in Italian craftsmanship and the creativity of couture houses, reminiscent of a world of exclusive and unique garments, conceived by couturiers with just one client in mind. This is what Angelo Galasso calls “Tradition in Evolution”.

After his famous watch cuff shirt, The Polso Orologio, took off, Angelo built an eponymous couture line that pushed the boundaries of men's fashion further than ever. His artistic touch has been noticed worldwide, with Financial Times “How To Spend It” Magazine appointing him as "The Da Vinci Of Shirts". Today, Angelo Galasso's aesthetics continues to break ground with menswear that expresses individuality in unprecedented ways.

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