Angelo Galasso in Luxury Magazine

Angelo Galasso in Luxury Magazine

Angelo Galasso in Luxury Magazine

Italian couture by Angelo Galasso: how to dress today's man differently, with glamour, moderation and naturalness, while allowing his real personality to emerge.

There are three great luxuries in life. The first is to have enough time at your disposal.

The second is to have the courage to express yourself freely. The third is to enjoy your job and be entertained by it. Try asking Angelo Galasso, the Italian designer who has been revolutionizing how men that and dress, and who could not represent anything else. “Children entertain themselves," explons Angelo Galasso, born in the Puglia region of Italy but who has lived in London for years, and children's games become the job of adults. The real source of entertainment is the risk involved: taking apart a toy to then reassemble it, possibly with the talent of reconstructing It differently " The game is, after all, change, transformation, overtaking limits. I come from Francavilla Fontana in Puglia (the same place where the designer Emanuel Ungaro was born) and beginning with my childhood, I have always defied conventions. Being unconventional has always been a part of me, because I always say what I meant. In my opinion those who challenge are more realistic than others... you challenge if you want to get to the root of things, if you want to look at the world differently. Within each of us there is always this great desire to defy convention, but more than defiance ;it is the need to risk, in order to push the real nature that hides within emery one of us out into the open.

This doesn't happen very often because this inclination, which is part of our real instinct is repressed by outward appearances and, sometimes, from the fear of not actually wanting to appear as the transgressor of stereotypes determined by the society that surrounds us. On the other hand, men you are able to take these conventions apart among which there is the fear of taking risks, you gradually begin to receive the first acknowledgement from the outside and  you can then create something new: all you have to do is bring out what others had unknowingly repressed inside. I have to admit that my father had helped me a great deal with this, as during my childhood I remember him always telling me a story that went like this: "one day Fear knocked at the door. Courage stood up and went to open the door for him. Once opened, he realized that there was nobody there. I believe that later on this story help me unconsciously plot the way I have become and not only that: by defying conventions and taking risks, I have learned to rely on my instinct. Therefore, every time that I hear someone say that something is too reckless, I have always understood that that was the right road to follow..."

No one knows this better than Angelo Galasso: his style is so unique and personality so determined - collars and cuffs of his shirts, for example - that at the beginning they were seen by some as being horrible. Still that, “foolishness” is recognized today with the label, Billionaire Italian Couture. famous all over the world to being synonymous with absolute extravagance, fan, creativity, refinement and personalization. Behind this label, beside Angelo Galasso, and to further reinforce the collective imagery, is the personality of Flavio Briatore to give his enormous contribution as entrepreneur, and with the label he adds a great contribution as client of the world even with the collections. In 2004, Angelo Galasso and Flavio Briatore met in London, and an idea was hatched, which today has resulted in Billionaire Italian Couture flagship stores opening, after the British debut, all over the world. The most recently inaugurated stores are Tokyo, 340 square metres in the elegant Akasaka area (where some of the most prestigious Made in Italy griffes are located, among which are Ferragamo, Bulgan and Valentino.

In March there will be the opening in Ginza, another luxury area in Tokyo, facing Barney’s New York. In December, there was the confirmation for Vienna - the traditionally classic heart of great European history and culture - where the store will open in February 2007, then Italy, St. Petersburg. Moscow in February China, South Korea, Qatar arid the United States in 2007 .. But how was Billionaire Italian Couture conceived? What was the spark that went off between Angelo Galasso and Flavio Briatore?

I couldn't say if the correct terms is Fatal Attract or The Persuaders..The meeting took place under normal circumstances, and together we exchanged several opinions on the evolution and the needs of men that had not been grasped by others discovering that we were absolutely in line with the entire panorama of men's fashion .

We then asked ourself, why we shouldn't create a line that could cover these haute co future needs for men, therefore the exclusivity of having even a single article?

Eveningwear is the other line that only a few handle, but notas we do. The custom tailoring "su misura", that is our market niche and is also our strength, includes the entire men's range but in a sophisticated manner, such as having a shirt made from a unique fabric and personalized with a platinum button or a real diamond, a jacket with a Neapolitan cut and with gold buttons, jeans delivered in a box of burled wood and box with a special dehumidifier to soften its contents a vicuna sweater, an umbrella made of ostrich or buckskin, a belt made of gold with the wearer's initials, up to a unique perfume, personalized and custom-made only for the client, or the custom designed wrist watch, up to the same shirt with the wrist watch cuff, so that there remains the possibility of being able to admire it.

Everything began because Flavio Briatore has intuition and a special sixth sense - continues Angel Galasso - Exactly as he had with Michael Schumacher and Alonzo. We met with the same idea: to create the best for a few. And the idea began even before thinking of it we knew where to turn: Flavio is a great marketing personality He was the one who had brought Benetton to the United States, and it's as if he has already lived four lives. Billionaire Italian Couture was created like this - our products, due to the quality of the finishing touches they have can only be Made in Italy-and everything developed with amazing speed. We are already in our sixth collection."After Rome and the successes tied to my trademark Interno I decided to move to London, a cosmopolitan city where you can hear one-hundred-and-eighty different languages, a city that makes me feel at home, and I immediately understood and breathed that sense of freedom, the expression and display which every man and, in particular, creator needs, continues Angelo Galasso, in the city that has definitely developed the need to defy conventions even more. Italy is frequently fearful when faced with radical changes in thinking and doing. London, on the other hand, has taught me a lot giving me the possibility to change my way of seeing things: I began in 1999 with my extravagances, and instead of hearing the usual critical and negative comments I Heard the exact opposite with compliments and acknowledgements Among the first to want my collections was Paul McCartney, and it was probably not by chance Gianni Versace had the same intuition a long time ago you need absolutely unique and distinct objects Because for men, there are three important things himself and himself. If during the moment in which a man hears him self ask: "That suit is really nice.. where'd you find it?" he has the product validation. We are different and there are others ready to give us validation. That is the principle of Billionaire Italian Couture,which, for the first time, focuses on men, and not on women: it is a substantial difference I began creating my shirts in Rome in 1982, when the menswear market was left on its own. Billionaire Malian Couture is on the contrary synonymous with personalization, uniqueness and exclusivity. There is not only the research for quality, the most precious

materials and design, but also and above all the personalization of products created from the wishes of the

client. "Do not look for man, I look for that other man. And I do not just cover him up, I dress him.

You need to educate people towards beauty. I remember in an interview twenty years ago, they described me as the new image inventor and only seek to be an observer who pays attention to the reality surrounding me. The game for Angelo Galasso is the continuous search. " think of my belt collection: a hundred different styles among which to choose, created for people who often return to Billionaire Italian Couture looking for new things..."But who are Billionaire's clients? "I remember an episode in London during the beginning a Lebanese man came to us and bought fifty thousand pounds of shirts in an afternoon. He tried them all on and without any modesty he stood bare-chested in the middle of the room.

Life is so short, he said that there is no time to know what others are thinking.. I believe that

there are men I would define as ramheads, with a strong and determined personality common in successful people... Then there are the Italians whom I define as the second type: men used to living in the world, who are able to do extraordinary things and excel in the most unusual spheres. Our most loyal

clients are the Americans, Japanese, Russians, Arabs and Nigerians all of whom go crazy for our shirts. Men are decidedly more vain and careful than women: they love my cuffs (exhibited also in a London museum that permit you to see and take note of the watches they are wearing. Here in England, buying Billionaire Italian Couture means being trendy. It is enough to think of the objects that Angelo Galasso has created: his high three-button collars, wide and knit neckties in unusual shapes and lengths and with handmade bar tacks, chisel-tip shoes, tight-waisted jackets, flower red shirts, the use of rare and refined skins such as shagreen, square Swarovski buttons, embroidered scarves,fur-edged sweaters, brocade

neckties that are a throwback to the exuberant baroque style of Puglia, the shoes and or boots, the use of diamond and mother-of-pearl inserts shirts in devore velvet. Do a thing in a wide choice of colors, with dandy finishings and silk and linen "which many of our clients love wearing as if it were a second skin.

How would Angelo Galasso define his way of dressing men? "I would compare it to a swing dance of the

Twenties... The last words are instead on the private life of Angelo Galasso, lover of Italian literature

which renews his strongest link to his home country, 7 rediscover it every time I leave Italy, and every time the fascination of Made in Italy is revived in my collections throughout the world. And the secret behind all this? "My family is definitely the center of everything. "concludes Angelo Galasso, "as are my wife Carlotta and my five children, Giuseppe an attorney, Eleonora, a twenty three year old manager Ranieri, Giorgia and Guglielmo who is five years old. None of them have ever asked me to join the company. But this is a subject that is beginning to interest them”...


Angelo galasso's Italian couture: how to dress man differently with glamor, sobriety and simplicity, but leaving the imprint of his personality.

There are three great luxuries in life. The first: having your own time. The second: to have the courage to express oneself with unconditional freedom. The third: being able to live one's work as if it were a game.

Try asking Angelo Galasso: the Italian designer, otherwise could not be, who for some years has been revolutionizing man's way of thinking and dressing "children play - Angelo explains Galasso, born in Puglia but for years at home in London - and the game of children becomes the job of adults.

The real fun of the game is the risk of disassembling the toy to then be able to reassemble it, perhaps having the skill to rebuild it in a different way ... In short, the game as a change, between training, overcoming limits "I come from Francavilla Fontana in Puglia (the same country in which the designer Emanuel Ungaro was born) and since childhood I transgressed: transgression has always accompanied me

because I have always chosen to say clearly what I thought I believe that those who dispute are more realistic than other contexts if you want to get to the bottom of the nature of things, if you want to look at the world differently. Within each of us there is always this great desire to transgress, but rather than transgressing daring, to bring out the true nature that is hidden within each of us. Very often, however, this does not happen because this vein, which is the real one of our instincts, is repressed by exteriority, appearance and, at times, fear of not wanting to appear as a transgressor of some stereotypes imposed by the society around us. When, on the other hand, it is possible to dismantle these conventions, among which there is the fear of daring precisely, slowly we begin to have the first confirmations from abroad and we succeed in creating something new, you do nothing but pull out what you others have unknowingly repressed internally. I have to say that my father helped me a lot in this, as in my childhood I remember him always telling me a little story that he said in this way "one day the fear knocked on the door, courage rose and went to open. Once opened he realized that no one was there. "