Angelo Galasso in Bespoke Magazine

Angelo Galasso in Bespoke Magazine

Angelo Galasso in Bespoke Magazine


Angelo Galasso, One Of best-dressed man of England, The Creator Of Images More Imaginative Of This Generation (as he says The Financial Times), Match The Tradition Tailoring Italian With One Strong style and Innovative But All the time Oriented to an Refined Image.

Angelo Galasso, designer for vocation, financier for necessity. up to the moment in which he abandoned the delusional rhythms of financial market and has decided to let burning the flame of passion in a great fire of creativitá, by refinement, style. the fashion become the protagonist of his projects, dress up the man the his mission.

refusing i didcat of convezionalismo prevailing and the status quo of styled rules for a sector (in italycast your is same, angelo galasso has started in nice country but soon he viewed elsewherehas waited the moment right, he listenedhas observedhas reflected. and has calculated the instant ideal for begin on scene.

there wanted the square rightwhere yes breathes that air of free and to opening that allows a every new good idea of impose. starts to rome in 1991: the his first brand yes calls internal 8. in due years opens 80 shops. in 2000 lands a london: in november 2009, was born the brand angelo galasso and the first shop flagship stores right open a knightsbridge, the point of not return from which start an adventure that it has brought a be counted between i best-dressed men of england.

“c'est around fatigue – there tells in his milan showroom in via montenapoleone – and is so clear that in a similar context yes is more likely to accept the change”. in his values right the so-called “right time”, concept that betrays education “financial"of the his thought. nel febrile game of markets stock not c is space for errorsfor second thoughtsfor uncertainties. with cold cynicism, “that instant” becomes the moment fundamental for a action (purchase! vendi!) and the that can dipendenre the whole at destination (and that of customers that have entrusted to your sagacity, cunning, intelligence and sixth sensethe their trust). angelo galasso has turned this talent in time of fashion. creates one style in 5 seconds. but behind c is a aging cultural lasted 50 years.

in the eternal game of become, of scroll of events, also in universe of fashion there can be that instant that ti suggests to do the move right. "and if in that moment -explains angelo galasso – you a express a skill that those lion on other, raise for a certain strength and a buonaorganizzazione two the tools for organize the change. succeeding a reflect and listen that that the marketthe people, i client ask, take the interest of clientele”.

of man of souththe techniques right he learn exploiting the technique of nap typical of the atmosphere relaxed of italy southern: price of child watched the people drawing ideas come on their defects the from style of clothing. and imagined the modomigliore for improve. angelo galasso, tireless observer, has the fixed of details: people, objects, colors, situations. the mind made, from the idea al fashion, playing the realtá with the his style and filtrandola through the value of tradition.

cos'é the style for angelo galasso? "é something that part of a lot far away. i'm not mean the mere scope for a collection but it is also a question of concept. the style is inside of us, ready for be made outside second the our way to be. yes can be in negligee and exhibit anyway a great elegance. is a question of signs and symbols somatic, by styles, by ways of move.”

to center dell'universo creative by angelo galasso c is a man a lot demanding, that lives the style daily what a harmony perfect by imagine, elevate qualitá e design. “up a today the designers of fashion six ono dedicated almost exclusively a dress up the woman. have had little interest in comparisons dell'uomo. inver oil male same did not may provided large opportunitá of work your of him. today, however, it's ready, it's changed. our collection studies for him form classic, that respect the tradition but projected in future. “tradition in evolution"– is la philosophy of his act. right one strong style, innovative, that requires belief. ed is one universal style. the angelo galasso clients are american the european, italian, english the russian. and between they names sounding of scene international: paul mccartney, michael caine, david beckam, tony blair, al pacino, johnny depp: aesthetes, lovers di a look exclusive for definition. “rispecchiamo and rispettiamole needs of those who wearing i nostril heads. our collection é for all the world, because we clearly perceived the need of new proposals. the man was too much used a dress up all the time the same way. was enough solleticarlo. ed is that that we done. we could do this experiment in england, one scenario where exists a very strong free creative and expression. in italy this not would was possible. da us the fashion is strongly conditioning da trope rules”.

the jackets by angelo galasso (nate from one wise processing craft, italian, convinced persecutor of qualitá, only with the best fabrics that offer the market and the staff of angelo galasso near, currency, choose with patience, passion and experience), impress and intrigue by i their embroidery processed and the colors strong.

“up a some long ago the creating of fashion for the man éstata a cigar process in marketing. i perceive were born what brands woman and were processed in brands man using styles price known, things price existing and applying the brand. a lot simple too much. today right different: the being human change the client right more demanding. has understand the difference between a product of qualitá and a other that is not in can of reach. the shirt by angelo galasso is packaged riirosamente by hand with techniques ancient: the choice of fabricthe seam, the interior reinforced for avert unsightly folds, the reinforcement on neck same. yes enhances on cuff, studied for discover to world the watch, traditionally hidden under the fabric. the idea was born by the custom by gianni agnelli, president fiat, of wear the his timepiece in this way original. angel galasso created the cuff of shirt for watch, the wrist-watch. do not innamoró the musician puff daddy. e in 2004 is been inserted in the performance permanent of the design museum in london. 

“seduce i customers with details that enrich the boss and offer theirtips for make only and perosnale right one of steps more important”.