Angelo Galasso in Atmosphere

Angelo Galasso in Atmosphere

Angelo Galasso in Atmosphere


Tradition and originality at the basis of successful shoemaking. The modern design and quality of Angelo Galasso shoes.

Connoisseurs of the art of shoemaking are well aware of the value of a pair of good shoes and appreciate the craftsmanship that creates excellent quality. But they also know how difficult it is to find a modern and unusual design, even in the best Italian tradition. Angelo Galasso, the Italian stylist who has captivated London with his dynamic creativity, has combined fashionable design with the quality and experience of Italian master craftsmen.

The procedure for making Angelo Galasso’s shoes is very long and stems from his passion for this article and our history of traditional shoemaking.

It begins with personality selected and chosen leather. The sole is also selected and allowed to mature for 36 months, in the sun during the summer and in special hothouses during the winter.

The shoe is assembled and then placed on a wooden last to be finished by hand; a slit is opened under the sole, which is then closed after stitching and left on the last for 9 days.

The heel has 5 layers of leather and a final rubber layer to ensure optimum grip.

It is nailed on and the corners cut off (an old Italian rule to prevent it from ripping trouser turn ups). The twine and yarn used for stitching are waxed by hand, a procedure that ensures durability. The lift is then calibrated in such a way that the foot is rested, even after walking for an entire day. 

The shoes come in cupro bags to keep them separate and prevent scuffing.

This fruit of strong passion and love is combined with professionalism and a thorough knowledge of the shoemaker’s art for results that are totally unique and practically unrepeatable.

Angelo Galasso shoes can be admired and bought at its monobrand boutique in London.